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Casual Couture  Rosie Pink
Casual Couture  Rosie Pink
Casual Couture  Rosie Pink

Casual Couture Rosie Pink

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My very first design. I am making my tops like I would do my shoes or my handbags. Embellished, decorated, adorned, just your basic “Too Much Is Not Enough”. This has wonderful embroidered appliques that I had flown in from California by UPS to Spain as I knew I would never get them by regular mail.

The stones around the neck are hand done and applied by my shoe jewelry factory, the little velvet bow was actually a shoe ornament. The pink sweatshirt is extra long measuring 29” from shoulder to hem. It can be belted or left long. Looks great over a long skirt or black pants/jeans. It is super comfy, which is the whole idea. I suggest dry cleaning.

I am including removable shoulder pads as why not? A little foam in the right places adds a lot of class and extra glamour, especially on a sweatshirt. You will look beautiful in this, and everyone will ask you where did you get it.

You can say it is a Limited Edition by Beverly Feldman the Shoe Queen.