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Beverly feldmand at home

Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been designing shoes since I was 23 years old, when I first moved to Spain. I have used Spain as my base, and have watched both the country and the industry evolve over the decades.. Working and selling around the world, I was also one of the first designers to start working in China almost 30 years ago. I love fashion, makeup, and if you check me out on Pinterest, you can see right into my inner creative brain.

My design studio is now located in Alicante, Spain, ten minutes from the Mediterranean Sea and thirty minutes from the shoe factories of Elda and Elche. It is here, with my eight dogs that I am living happily ever after.

My warehouse is in the downstairs office, right next to the kitchen, therefore the inspiration for my “What's Cooking in the Kitchen” video, which I have to tell you was a lot of fun to make.

Living in constant sunshine, has had a great effect on my designs. Whether the shoes are made in Spain or in Asia, I always try to make shoes that are fun, irresistible, and make me and the women who buy them happy. Also I design with no fashion expiration date.

It’s interesting that walking has made shoes the simplest form of transportation – they get you through life – the good times and the bad. Hopefully with a pair of Beverly Feldmans the journey is just a bit more beautiful.

My passion has always been design, specifically shoes… As you know, there is some magic in shoes, a strange kind of instant gratification, collecting them, wearing them, waiting for the compliments from our friends. We are judged by our shoes, a modern form of currency.

I will be doing exclusive designs just for the web store. This will be the true center of my creativity going from sketchpad to website within a few months.. I have dedicated my entire life to shoes (over 40 years, can you believe it!). It’s been a very long love affair and I want to thank you for being a part of it.


“Too much is not enough”
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