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BeviAnas Black Magic
BeviAnas Black Magic

BeviAnas Black Magic

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I have never found sandals as comfortable as the Havaianas. I have been wearing them for years. This year, I had a vision of a beautiful handmade satin couture flower sitting between my toes on the base of my Havaianas. Of course, with a big diamond ornament in the center. Summer Bling, Pedicure Envy, Utopian Comfort. It took 3 months develop. Ah, you are thinking what is so difficult of gluing a flower onto a flip flop?

First the flowers are as I dreamed, handmade, in one of Spain´s best workshops.

It then took my 50 years in the shoe business to figure out how to keep the flower securely on the sandal. It is a secret.

I can make any color to match any color Havaianas, but I pre-selected the top 5 which I thought the best. These babies include free shipping, unless you live on Mars and then there will be a slight adjustment. Delivery 3 to 4 weeks.


Feel free to email me at for any special requests.