My new web store is unlike any other shoe websites you will come across. This is because I designed the site, wrote the copy and created all the shoes and handbags myself. Mostly in my home, wearing my leopard pajamas.

My design studio is located in Alicante Spain, ten minutes from the Mediterranean Sea and thirty minutes from the shoe factories in Elda. It is here, with my four fabulously talented assistants, Jerome, Jonathan, David and Esther, that this has been made possible. I say myself, but myself is my team.

My warehouse is in the downstairs office, right next to the kitchen, another reason why this website is different. Esther personally inspects each pair, if she sees something that is questionable, as all shoes are handmade, she will send you a photo to tell you, and you decide.

Basking in the Spanish sunshine with 50+spf Eucerin sunscreen, has had a great effect on my designs – it reflects my happiness working and living here. Whether the shoes are made in Spain or in Asia, I try to make shoes and handbags that are fun and make people happy.

It’s interesting that walking has made shoes the simplest form of transportation – they get you through life – the good times and the bad.

I created this web store, not because there are a lack of shoes to get you through life, but because there are not enough Beverly Feldman shoes out there.

I have had so many requests, almost daily, so I felt obligated to try please everyone… As you know, they are irresistible, collectible, comfortable, affordable and without a fashion expiration date.

This premiere edited selection are the shoes I love the most, many of which I personally own. I wear test many of the styles, along with the handbags, to avoid problems in production. I also follow industry standards for the best fit possible.

I will be doing exclusive designs just for the web store. This will be the true center of my creativity going from sketchpad to website within a month, unedited. Also, if we do not have your size, there is a good chance we can special order them for you and deliver in a reasonable amount of time.

I am giving you free shipping, but if you have to return something it has to come back at your expense. I think that is only fair, and a standard policy.

My passion is shoe design. I have dedicated my entire life to shoes (over 40 years, can you believe it!). It’s been a very long love affair and I want to thank you for being a part of it.

“Too much is not enough”